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April 20, 2013

Near the Texas Rangers Team!

My husband just got a job with a national baseball team in the marketing department and I am very excited. I am such a huge sports fan and so are my kids so we are looking forward to moving to Texas where he will be the director of marketing. We are looking at arlington homes […]

April 18, 2013

A Beach That Will Surprise You

Most people, when they are considering going to the beach, don’t often consider the Carolinas. I feel like it is some kind of East Coast secret that we try to keep from the rest of the country so they don’t trash it like they have Florida (sorry, Florida!). For years we have been going to […]

April 15, 2013

Brazil is the Most Beautiful

I went to Brazil in college and I thought it was the most beautiful country that I have ever been to. I was in the Navy for twenty years and have been all over the world and I have to say that Brazil is the country that stole my heart. I am looking at apartments […]