July 3, 2013

Buying Property in Montenegro

Property in MontenegroBuying property in any country, you have to understand the process and foreign markets “special”.

Property Prices

Without the presence of the official price index, many properties are propaganda and what the seller, not the value determined by the market price. If you are a very popular area (or in areas such as the old town where you can have more development) to find the property, it may have been identified to drive the price of similar properties in the market. If you are looking for in an area far from urban redevelopment project, then you pay more as a result, the negotiation skills.

Legal Advice

Get a local lawyer is very important. Many properties have multiple owners (i.e. belonging to the family), all parties to the contract of sale. If a lawyer this paper, it could be the title of your property.

Pay Your Property

All purchases paid for with cash. Providers must be at least 10% of the agreed price and a cash deposit, you must pay the remaining 30 days. If you do not complete the transaction, you will lose the deposit. If the manufacturers are coming up with treatment, they will have to pay a deposit plus the same again. So, when you sit down $ 5,000 and the seller retardation, you receive a total of € 10,000.


In Montenegro, the buyer is to pay a middleman.

– Property Tax: 2%

– Agency fee: 4% (approximately)

– Legal Fees: $ 750 (almost)


It is not necessary to Montenegro with a full refund of the money (although you might want to make a deposit). Your employees can be retained in electronic devices that Montenegro bank if you need to. There is no way a bank is transferred directly to Montenegro, so you might want to use the exchange rate for you this (they often get a better exchange rate for countries non-Euro currency) to do. From there, you can send money to the Bank of Montenegro (Kotor Old Town only chance bank fee of 15 â €, some banks charge a percentage). Broadcast

Once you have decided on your property (or properties), seek appropriate legal advice, and we look forward to a new home or rental income and capital.

NOTE: This article is not legal advice, and in any case, and the potential for profit in the future may be for the cost incurred.

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