October 24, 2014

Cost Effective Apartments in Portland Oregon

I am moving to Portland in the near future, because i am going to start graduate school in the area. I am excited, but at the same time, I must admit that I am also pretty nervous about the situation. I have this fear that it is going to be much harder to do well once I am in graduate school. I don’t know if that fear is well founded, but it exists in my head. I am looking into apartments for rent in Portland Oregon that are cost effective and located fairly close to the university that I will be attending in the area.

It is important that it be located close to the campus because I am not going to be in possession of a car while I am attending the university, and as such, I will need to make use of public transportation. I have found in the past, that it is much less of a hassle to use public transportation when you only need it to take you a small distance.

Anyway, I need to look at my finances and my expenses that are already in place. Then I will be able to calculate the maximum amount of money that I would be ab,el to put towards rent and utilities. It will be nice to have all of this information figured out, because it will be immensely valuable to me when it comes to finding an apartment that works out well with my finances. I am really concerned about not being able to do that, but we will see what happens. I am sure there has to be an option that wors out for me in the end. If not, then I am going to be in serious trouble, but I do not have time to entertain negative thoughts at the moment.

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