January 7, 2015

Looking at What the Aunt’s House Will Go for

Looking at what the aunt’s house will go for, because we have to figure out how to manage her affairs. It is not as though this is a simple question. For example there is a place on the web called http://www.wepaythemost.co.uk and they promise that they will give you a quick valuation on a property. However I am ;looking at what the aunt’s house will go for as it is best for her. In particular she is going to need a great deal of money for long term care. Her situation is such that she is in no danger of succumbing to her health problems soon. However she is also not going to be able to take care of herself. That is going to be expensive and obviously the better you have it the more it is going to cost you. I do not know what that costs, but if you have a lot of money that is obviously going to be all the better.

I am wondering how close the value they offer you is to the real market value. Of course what we are really thinking about is not selling the house, but finding a tenant that can be trusted to pay the rent. That would be something that would make the most sense if you found the right person and got the price that made the most sense. If you sell the place you end up losing a good deal of the proceeds to the tax man. If you rent it out, then that is a steady stream of revenue that you get. Aside from that you can take your time and make improvements. That way you could improve the value of the property for the day when you did decide to sell it or you could rent it for a better price.

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