November 9, 2014

Moved to a Little Town Near Toledo

I got a job working in a factory and I had to find an apartment in Holland OH that was close by. That is a short distance from Toledo and I suppose you could call it one of the Western Suburbs of Toledo. I had never heard of the place until I got up here from Akron a couple of weeks ago. The guy who hired me was a friend of mine a couple years back when I was just starting out in this field and he needed a guy to run the night shift. It was just chance that he and I were still in touch. A few years ago I ran into him at a wedding and I began to keep up with him on Facebook sort of casually. So instead of putting an ad in the paper he called me up and asked me if I was interested in a job.

If he had asked me a few weeks ago I probably would not have told him yes, but things at my old job are definitely trending downward. I played it slow and sort of acted like he needed to convince me, but in fact I am sort of thinking that I needed to start moving. In fact this job is only about an hour or so away from my Mom’s place. She moved a big ago and now she is closer to this place than she is to where I was living, so it is not all bad on that front. I already went to a Toledo Walleyes hockey game with some guys from work. I bought one of the jerseys because it looks cool, it is a fish (of course a walleye) skating and playing hockey. So far things have gone pretty well for me.

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